Starting Up the Blog Again...

I’ve decided to start up my blog again, or perhaps, to finally turn my blog into a weekly occurrence.  The focus will encompass my creative efforts.  It’s purpose is to help me explore, reflect, and process all of the activities that I believe are connected to my creative endeavors.  The regular discipline of writing, refining, and posting essays will require an ongoing and consistent effort to contemplate these topics and distill my thoughts into something I might share with the world.  I think this will be good for me and hopefully there are a few readers who will find it interesting.

I am a professional composer and have pursued this vocation seriously since 1994 when I became a full-time undergraduate composition major.  Some 22 years later I’ve turned 40 and have paused to ask the question, what lies ahead for the music I have yet to write?  The simple answer is that I want to write my best music yet in the next decade.  Towards that direction, I aim to regularly learn about, investigate, and meditate upon the issues connected with and surrounding my own creative efforts.  Self examination, evolution, and artistic growth are desired.

My main creative activity is writing music for the concert stage.  My serious creative hobbies include travel photography and cooking.  I dabble in DSLR film (especially time-lapse), electronic music, and simple bookmaking as an accompaniment to my photography.  I’d also like to become a better writer of words.  As a way to support these creative activities I regularly engage in running, meditation, listening, reading, watching, and prayer.  This blog will discuss any of these topics or anything I find relevant to these topics.

I’m writing this blog for myself but I hope my words stimulate others and might even generate discussion.  Thank you for reading.