Fire and Water

One of my big projects right now is a multi media piece about China.  I'm preparing the piece for a black box theatre type setting and am hoping to create most of the visuals myself.  I'll use a combination of still photography, DSLR video, and time lapse.  I've begun to explore various techniques and subjects as material for this project.  I've budgeted nine months to create this piece so there is a healthy amount of time for exploration and experimentation.

This past summer we took a ten day camping trip to southwestern Colorado.  Our stops included Aspen, Ridgeway, Telluride, Ouray, and Silverton.  Downtown Aspen features a decades old fountain that kids play in all summer long.  Jets shoot out of a grate on the ground that dance anywhere from a few inches to around eight feet high.  My wife and I visited this spot a lot when we were dating.  There used to be a crepe vendor right next to the fountain where we would get dessert.  In July we stopped for some photos.  My newish camera did a great job in helping me capture the fountain.  I also spent sometime taking some close up images of our campfire.