A Tent for the Sun

string quartet and 18 winds (ca 15')


A Toast to Ben

wind ensemble - grade 5+ (ca 8')

Transcribed from a work commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin.


Pyramus and Thisbe

wind ensemble and narrator - grade 5+ (ca 24')

Transcribed from a  work commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra.  Pyramus and Thisbe is a raucous retelling of the play within a play from Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream.  Tony award winning writer has adapted this farce for one actor that plays Lion, Wall, Pyramus, Thisbe, and Narrator.


With Wings Like Eagles

wind ensemble - grade 5+ (ca 9')

Commissioned in honor of Allan McMurray, by dear friends, in celebration of 35 years of teaching and service at the College of Music, University of Colorado.  Premiered on the occasion of Maestro McMurray's final concert as Director of Bands - April 21, 2013.  The piece was also written in remembrance of the composer's mother who had passed away while the composer was writing this piece.